About Vita :)

Is Vita here Actually is Rovita Manik, An Indonesian simple girl, who loves travel photography and outdoor adventure photographs. Who is never give up to try new things and always finding herself to be inspiring! Based living now in Calgary, after used lived in Fort McMurray for almost 2 years is a beautiful small town in Northern Alberta, Canada and I’ve been living for 2 years in a beautiful country of Norway. 

Story behind my hobby, when I was little girl I scared with the camera, my face in front of the camera was always weird and creepy, even my sisters were seduced me to join with them for family pictures, I was always uncontrol face, but I promised my self i should to be the person who is behind the pictures. For the first time I learned about the camera,I bought camera digital when I was a collage with my own money I spent. After i got my camera, I felt in love with my buddy, learning how to shoot, get the angles and never stop to learning and joined for photography walk events. Until I got experienced I won photo competitions of streets old town, that’s pushed me to get more and more pictures from my inspiring with! Until I upgraded my camera pocket to be a big camera SLR for standard beginners. As I moved to Europe I explored more places and made photographs about somethings changes my mind and sense. Then i learned again and improved my shooting skills until I bought another lens, tripods and more about camera stuff.

My relationship with my hobbies has always beautiful seems like i can not do exploring the world without my camera I holding on, even sometimes its has ups and downs, with another issue or when I saw professional photographers they carrying their big camera with expensive lens and taking pictures about the streets city, I looked at them so jealous, I felt down to leaving my camera at home. But when I made it trips to the mountains and joined with outdoors activities I felt ups again, when I saw beautiful landscapes with another perspective and different atmosphere I felt, I’ve got inspired from myself I found, feeling like my life will never be the same after I seen thousands of pictures i made it with my camera and watched with my own naked eyes.

I believe that’s every picture has any greats story moments behind it and the way that is hard to describe in words or imagines, That makes me pursue get a goal from the experiences I got, regarding inspired how beautiful nature is. I realized I couldn’t look at life in the same way. My moments in beautiful landscapes countries took me back to a simple time, as I saying though I was looking at the world through the eyes of a child dreamer and never stop exploring the world. That’s why I love taking pictures about nature, people and cities, that’s making more stories and moments unpredictable know behind about it! If I take some pictures I could follow my feeling to get the angles also depending on my moods even though, I shooting with tricky or easy objects I could feel about it. 

So here I am being confident again holding my lovely simple camera, since I learned and read from my favorite photographers journal and pictures ,then I will start to write the travel photographs journal ,I am sharing my pictures I made it, editing the pictures, promoting my photography skills from my portfolio, I sell my pictures about it, I join photos competition and I get hiring being photographer for family portraits etc.

But first of all, I always find to learn more about photography will never feel enough, always learn about lens, flash and camera settings ups every season in the world. I do curious to get new things about editing that bring me to be a simple photography person.

If you guys have any comments or interest with my pictures I share , I can sell it to you. Well, please just lets me know in the comments! I am really glad to hear more about it  🙂

Let’s your self be inspired, find the most of all your strength ,be random and go head with your thinker                        

  – vitamanik 2019-



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