Christmas time in the city

Vancouver in winter 2020, but I didn’t feels of winter there, just like a warm fall days 🙂 ‘Beautiful British Columbia,” the licence plates read. And who can argue with that? Towering mountains, lush valleys, crystalline waters, vibrant cities – every corner of province, it seems, is an Instagrammable one. When the restrictions pandemic happened, everything has totally changed like a crazy and everything cancelled what I expected to see before, but that’s okay we could enjoy and be grateful to explore nature around area and keep safe always . But the good things is time to explore outdoors and enjoy looks around. For me it was awesome, I flew from the north to avoid the coldest winter in the Northern Alberta and a tons of snow to got refresh air from the ocean air, the blue sky ,the typical BC rain forest than remains me with my hometown forest in the rain season, the mountains view around and a place I went hiked with the trail with covering of snow also the Autumn leaves, which is I missed! Well, Enjoy some photographs I posted, I took during take a walked, went to hiked and cycled.

Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Seawall

Stanley Park Seawall

Third beach

Second beach

David Lam Park

David Lam Park and Science World at TELUS World of Science

Stanley Park in the afternoon and evening shoot.

BC rain forest from Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Sea to sky trails to train wreck

Train Wreck views point

Whistler Village

Tantalus Lookout, Squamish and Downtown Whistler Village.

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Indonesian simple girl, who loves travel photography and outdoor adventures.

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