Load up to the summit where Mountaintop of Banff Christmas awaits

It’s in Province of Alberta, The Canadian Rockies mountains of the part of Banff,I was off from my place I living, Northern Alberta to see beautiful winter wonderland of Banff for taking early Christmas break at the mountains fairy tale of Canada. The first day, We decide to explore mountaintop of Sulphur Mountain sleighs and soar to the summit where mountaintop Christmas awaits, its took return ride by Banff Gondola for cost rides return: Cad 54 but if you are Alberta Local ID may get discount: Cad 49 and its could also hike to the top by 5,5 km one way by the Sulphur Mountain Trail provide a steady uphill hike to a summit renowned for its breathtaking mountain views. for winter hike It’s really recommended to used snowshoes with mountains gear or winter boots with completed gear. And also don’t forget after exploring outdoor activities you should go for hot spring of Banff its really nearby Banff Gondola and Mountain trail starting point trail. Here may I show you some of a lots photos I’ve taken during in the Gondola rides and walking trail mountaintop :


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Indonesian simple girl, who loves travel photography and outdoor adventures.

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