It’s good to be back to enjoy the rest of summer and fall

Hey Fellas, I’m back writing and posting my words and photos, Welcome Canada with all the beautiful season I’ve to get ready to feel different atmosphere about Northern American weather, with a new place, new situation and of course new country I’m live in. For me, its new continent but still back to Northern life like I’ve been living before. But anyway, I’m so excited to share a lot of beautiful photos while I explore the rest of the summer and fall season here in Province of Alberta, the cities I visited and the National Park I hiked. Enjoy Fellas!

It’s in Elbows fall, Kananaskis Country. Just Around 50 minutes we drove from Calgary early morning to get the National park of Kananaskis country area mountains it was beautiful weather even at the end of summer early of September. The walking track was easy to get just only followed road track walk beside the creek with amazingly clear water when its summer.

The Famous city of Calgary, I captured when I found a lovely spot far away from downtown I watched beautiful trees with fancy buildings of downtown.


Edmonton, It’s also a famous city to visit and also the heart of the province of Alberta, Canada its called the capital city of Alberta. I just captured the art street of the city and gravity wall, what I impressed about, it was so cool

And finally, the place I’m living in and also I enjoying cycling and explore the new road and introduction bike road and walking track around the forest. Here welcoming me the small town of Fort McMurray with the short beautiful of the fall season.

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Indonesian simple girl, who loves travel photography and outdoor adventures.


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