Volunteer East region in Sumba Perspective things I learned from the Mission Trip.

This couples weeks ago, I went to East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara In Indonesia as my homeland, i made it volunteer work for a mouth.
It was my second official mission trip, and based on my experience, it definitely won’t be my last i will do again for sure.
People have been asking me about my time there. While what I saw and experienced was beyond words,
I am going to try my best in hopes of portraying the extraordinary, meaningful, powerful weeks with the team and I had those a months. I joined as a volunteer worker at the Charity Organization it’s called “YPPIIB” aka Yayasan Pelayanan Pekabaran Injil Indonesia Batu, Majelis Pewakilan Jawa Barat in Bandung. it’s been awesome to join in this organization I’m so thankful.

First of all, I’m gonna explain to you all about the first stop we been visited. We took the minibus from Waingapu
to get in Waileju at Tama Village its around 2 hours. It was the first day, there was totally 125 children attended bible school while their have holiday from school season, the children was so excited to come to the church,
they came early while waiting for us as teachers, they were singing gospel children first before we started the praise and worship service.


We’ve been stayed and slept over at locals people house,it was really countryside place NO SIGNALS Connection actually. We’ve been to stayed like 3 days 2 night, I’ve been experiencing join with local people, we have been 3 days Christian children Bible school while, at this moment they have high season school from new chapter season at this village because in the next Sunday they need to staring new charter school with the new part. We began from Friday to Sunday afternoon, with singing Gospels song, stories about Jesus, games, bible reading, stage dolls and watching movies about children church and movie about Jesus. At the Sunday, we have been joined for Sunday service with locals people with traditional of Sumbanise service and also mixed with Sumba language also the Songs of Book we were singing came from its called’ KIDUNG JEMAAT and also we got participated singing like a vocal group in the Sunday service like four times, with current their pastor and two local friends. It was an honor it, we been joined the service.


we are stayed and slept over at this house,so peacefull with no electric and also with wild animals sound.

Sunday Service happenned at the Village local church.
Saying goodbye moment photo season
The simple church at Tama Village


The Bible games


the Bible games of The Sunday School children.


The Teenagers group
Indoor games


The passion of Worship time with the children


Lunch time



The Team and i were joined for Vocal group for singing some gospel song

We loves this sweet a grandma,We called her as a Sumbanise : Apu, she is absulutely has great beautiful heart with her family and with her grandchildren and also she was welcoming us for slept over at her simple house in front of the Church,May God bless you,Apu!

Life  in Sumba it wasn’t easy,as i’m a volunteer worker joining with mission Trip. We are the team still struggling about how we survive to get a clean water,its limit access to get connection signal,limited electric only available from 6pm til 11pm but sometime until at 5am,we need to get ready with some light to find a toilet early morning or when late afternoon to get people place for visiting a family locals and prayer with them for about their sickness family. The tradisional of Sumba locals people when they have guess they also offering betel nuts is very general every tradision locals chewing it but leaves it the rest of its traces,as we like are guests we needed to taking it at least even we dont like it to eating it,only just for appreciate to the family we’ve been visited.


Rubbing noses welcoming,
Well,this is very tradition about welcoming or saying goodbye to the locals people.
This tradition have been surprised me actually,after the Sunday service finished we needed to do rubbing noses, which mean by touching the place of breathing,this custom symbolizes the way of human life.doing this you have to compress visible your lips. The lower lip should be inside,the upper lip outside. With sorrow or deep sympathy you can touch the forehead in addition. For formal occasion you also welcome or thank each other with this ritual.this ritual dates originally from immigrants from savu and has become custom in Sumba throughout jthe centuries. Tourist should do it in the same way as sumba people,but the locals should take initiative. As I am a missionari I could be appreciated about the ritual and followed so far!IMG_3988.JPGwell,here i am!i was as a second preacher and sharing seasion to spoke for the teenagers group it was saturday workship,i was explan them about my journey life until i made it in Sumba and also i could stand in front of you guys!i taught them ans also they were teaching me about how to be survive with East locals people life!it was so reflection time my partner and i could \taking them with how to growing with the passion of Christ,kakak,rindu kalian,nak!;)



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