Another perspective I found in Danish capital city.

Copenhagen, The Danish capital city and also the Biggest city in Scandinavia. As you know it has famous of bicycle city with their new bike bridges. Yup, why i made the title ‘Another perspective I found’? because the things I got from the modern city is a hip, eco-friendly destination that draws tourists eager to sample the new Nordic cuisine, visit Renaissance castles, and ride bicycles along Copenhagen’s 250 miles of bike paths.

And even if you know Tivoli Gardens from Bakken, or Christiania from Christianshavn, we’re willing to bet a few kroner there’s still a lot you don’t know about the capital city of Denmark.

Here I show you another picture i made it and i found a little bit different when i visited back this city and I old place, I’ve ever been there before but I made it to the top of the tower the church.

I’ve been also visited my favorite Ice Cream and Caffe on the hearts of city center is actually in Nyhavn. I was exploring the city with the bike I rented in Copenhagenbicycles, it was very great service i liked the bike as well.

Good Recommended!

Basic Information from above those are the pictures :

On the first part of the pictures :

I went to Christiania church they call ” Vor Frelsers Kirke” walking like 30 minutes from Copenhagen Centre station, or you can walk also to the new bicycles route in corner road of Nyhavn they call ” Inderhavnsbroen” is a famous new bridge from Opera house until Nyhavn, there has walking and bicycles road. So, i walked like 20 minutes from Nyhavn. I was climbing the tower of the church it was so tiny road and long way stairs, but i made it until to the top of the tower with beautiful views to look down about the city center and the windy it was so hard even the sky was blue, sunshine and warm. Good recommended for visit Copenhagen just weekend trip or transit!

The cost for enter : 45DKK/6Euro/7$                                                                                                  The church is open starting at 10am until 5pm.

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