Explore the town of Trøndelag,in the heart of Norway’s history.

Trondheim, the capital of Trøndelag,has been one of the country’s most important cities ever since it was founded by Olav Tryggvason in 997. It was soon called Nidaros and served as the capital of Norway for around 250 years during the Viking Age. It soon became Christendom’s most important sanstuary in Northern Europe,and people from all over Europe have made pilgrimages to this national sanctuary for almost 1,000 years. And also it was the first capital of Norway’s and holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture.

Here i took some of my photographs i made it,when i explored this beautiful and calm town,What an amazing a views!


Canal in front of Trondheim Central Station.

IMG_6877 (2)


i took this picture from Kristiansten Festning



The old streets of this town near to the The Old town Bridge.



Byvandring – The Old Alleys

IMG_6905 (2)IMG_6908


Bryggene – The Wharves a.k.a The oldest of the wharves and store houses lining the river as it passes through the city were built in the 1700s.



Gamle Bybru – The Old Town Bridge



Nidarosdomen – Nidaros Cathedral.



Nidaros Cathedral’s tower lining,i was climbing the tower with really tiny hallway. The 172 steps to the top are dark and narrow,but the climb was well worth it. Once at the top,you can enjoy an unrivelled view of the city centre. 



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